Lammaflats. FAQ

Hong Kong is a beautiful, international city with many options for urban or rural living depending on the lifestyle you prefer.

We have a superb public transport system here with subways, busses, trains and ferries giving a very ‘connected’ feel to the whole territory.

So, why choose Lamma Island as a place to live?
Well, the city is fine but due to the lack of space, apartments are generally very small and expensive.
Buildings on Lamma have a maximum height of three stories with balconies so you don’t get the feeling of being stuck up in the air, away from everything.

I have lived here full time since 1980 so I may be slightly biased!

Lamma’s best kept secret is that you can live a sociable, peaceful lifestyle here and it is only twenty five minutes to Central, Hong Kong, a very reasonable commute in any major city these days.


Pier 4 is conveniently located in Central District. Adult fare HK$ 14.00 (less than US$ 2)
Set timetable but average frequency 30 minutes.
Travelling time 25 minutes. Last ferry 12.30 am, 2am weekends.


As with the rest of Hong Kong, Lamma has no ‘bad areas’. Feel free to walk around any time of day or night.

Wildlife? Lamma is a sub-tropical island and very verdant. So, with that comes the usual mosquitoes and bugs. All our flats are fitted with fly-screens and have Air Conditioners so the windows can stay closed!
We are also blessed with a stunning array of butterflies and birds which enhance any of the wonderful walks here. If you are lucky you may even catch a glimpse of our wild pigs that live in the hills.

There are snakes on the island, which you may come across from time to time. They tend to slink off on approach. Common sense prevails, if you see one on the path just wait for it to pass.
No need to confront it!

The paths are generally well lit with street lights at night but it is advised to carry a small flashlight.


Quite a large selection of bars and restaurants along the main street so a great place to meet and mingle.

The local shops carry a wonderful selection of international consumables including a wide range of organic foods


There is a clinic with a ‘doctor in residence’ within regular visiting hours.
In the event of emergencies, i.e serious injury, going into labour or whatever, a helicopter or Police launch is used to take the patient to a city hospital.


Lamma has a very strong ‘village’ feel with people from all parts of the world mixed in with locals as evidenced by the long-established Dragon Boat teams and Outrigger club for example.

Or you could join in the Yoga or Pilates classes provided here.


Lamma is car free except for a few motorized carts owned by locals for carrying heavy goods.
So people walk or cycle on well established concrete paths. All our flats are around a 15 minute walk uphill from the ferry pier.
There are some great mountain bike trails for the more adventurous.

For more information on Lamma in general please visit an on-line magazine giving lots of insight into village life.